Your Business Shouldn't Run Your Life

If we know company owners like you, we know that one of the reasons you went into business for yourself was so that you could have more freedom, more flexibility, and more opportunity to do what you love to do best.


In short, you didn’t go into business to have your business run your life.
(Because that would be nuts.)


That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide PIASD members with the sales support they need to help their companies grow at a pace that’s both manageable and profitable.


You’ll find everything you need in the following members-only resources and opportunities listed below.

Print Access

Print Access has provided an invaluable service to millions of buyers searching for printing and visual media industry product and services since 1999.

We help folks find their next Printing, Design, Web or Marketing Firm with Print Access online.

And, the Product Guide contains information about our most popular products and services. If you are new to creative and print buying use the product guide to learn more about the specialties offered by member companies.

Programs and Education

PIASD is able to provide its members with personal and professional programs and education. Designed for both business owners and employees alike, these include:

Fun and engaging networking events such as cocktails + conversations, Paper Show, Annual Golf Tournament, Day at the Races, etc. Leading edge education and training opportunities, including webinars, certification training, workshops, and seminars. Complimentary consulting with our on-site human resources, sales, and business strategy professionals. Group Discounts on major products including Apple, UPS, FedEx, and Experian.

Display Advertising to Targeted Buyers

Because we understand just how crucial it is to your success that your business is promoted to qualified buyers, we offer our members advertising opportunities in the following leading-edge publications:
The Messenger: A printed publication every other month with a distribution of over 450 recipients, award winning and informative. The Messenger is a great way to reach your target audience. There's literally a plan/size/rate for every company.
The Bulletin Board: A bi monthly e-newsletter, keeps members up to date on the latest program offerings by PIASD, industry news, and the hottest industry-related topics.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Throughout the year, PIASD members have access to a number of industry event sponsorship opportunities. As an event sponsor, your company will be listed in our publications, event collateral, and on our website. Full and partial sponsorships are available for the: Annual Golf Tournament, Day at the Races, Cocktails + Conversations, and the Paper Show,

Another Sales Resource

The Sales Vault

The Sales Vault is a subscription-based website resource for sales reps and selling owners in the graphic arts. It gives you access to sales best practices and makes you part of a sales community.
Archived content and live Zoom workshops for subjects like:
  • How to get your price
  • Fear: Selling when you’re an introvert
  • “I’ve never had to sell before, but now…”
  • Selling through LinkedIn
  • Hiring the right sales rep
  • “I hate selling… But I need to grow”
  • Navigating the crazy–busy times
  • Motivation: getting yourself unstuck
  • Dealing with voicemail
  • Landing the big fish
  • Finding high-quality leads
  • Get that appointment
  • Selling more and less time
  • Getting to the next level

PIASD members pay a discounted rate and team pricing is available. For more
information, go to or call Bill Farquharson at 781-934-7036.

Gain An Advantage With PIASD Sales Club

The Sales Club can help sales reps gain a competitive edge through training, sales and strategies.  The $25 annual membership dues are a nominal fee for a year’s worth of information and programs to expand knowledge, and improve and increase your sales performance.  And the best part is, the more sales people from your company that join, the more affordable membership dues become! Check out the great membership benefits and our sliding dues scale – encourage fellow sales reps, customer service reps, or employees in your office to join the PIASD Sales Club and supplement your road to success!

Membership Gets You:

  • You’ll receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, The Messenger, filled with timely industry updates and trends, valuable articles, and a monthly Sales Club column.
  • You’ll receive our quarterly “Succeeding in Sales” newsletter, mailed exclusively to Sales Club members, featuring sales insight, motivational tips, industry surveys, trends, publications, and more.
  • You’ll receive a monthly “Sales Tip of the Month” email with resourceful tips, articles, and research findings.
  • Sales Club Members typically receive a discount on registration to attend Sales Club programs and events

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