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Let’s face it – no matter what segment of the graphic communications industry your company is in, growing a profitable business is a challenge. managing expenses, making the right technology choices, navigating the maze of government regulations, developing a productive workforce and staying on top of industry trends are just a few of the tough issues we all face.


We’re here to help your business gain (and keep) the competitive edge.

Membership Levels

Active Members

Dues for those companies engaged in any of the production processes in the graphic arts industry, i.e. printing, prepress and finishing are determined by the company's annual gross sales, according to the chart below.

Associate Members

Dues for those companies providing services and supplies to the graphic arts industry are $45 per month or $540/year.

Educator Members

Dues for those individuals employed in any high school, community college or university, in San Diego or Imperial Counties, where graphic arts/printing programs are part of the school's curricula are $24 per year.

Creative/Agency Members

Dues for those companies engaged in design; marketing or advertising agencies. No manufacturing is done on site.

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PIA San Diego Membership



By clicking the “Submit Application” button we agree to abide by the bylaws and pay the prescribed dues. We understand the OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERSHIP specifically include:
• Six months minimum membership after application is accepted;
• Dues are billed and due in advance; any firm sixty days delinquent is subject to suspension, relinquishing all rights in the association;
• Notice of resignation must be given in writing thirty days prior to effective date;
• Any dues that have become delinquent more than 90 days for a second time will be immediately moved to Automatic payment, and a valid credit card must be on file and used to pay dues going forward.
• We agree to complete the Annual Census to set any dues adjustments.
• We agree to the Electronic Transmission of Information Policy
• We agree to a $25.00 initiation fee that will be paid with our first month’s dues

Dues for membership in a trade association are recognized by IRS as business expenses and are tax-deductible.

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