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The Executive Toolbox is California’s print and graphics firms’ best resource for fast, accurate, and thoroughly vetted management tools.

For example? From templates to checklists and every guideline in between, we have developed prize-worthy resources you need so you can focus on your business. You need HR Handbooks, safety tips, tax codes, and a side of compliance materials. The Executive Toolbox has it all ready for you to download, use, modify and comply.


We make finding the information and resources that make your business less burdensome so you can focus on clients and cash.

Starting August 30, 2018, businesses that sell consumer goods to Californians will be subject to new warning requirements.

Through its one-of-a-kind labeling law, California regulates thousands of businesses, whether through e-commerce or retail outlets in the state. The changes to the warning requirements under Proposition 65 (Prop 65) have triggered a lot of questions and requests for compliance guarantees and statements by print customers.

To read more about Prop 65 warning requirements and compliance click here. Prop 65

If you have any questions about Prop 65, please contact Gerry Bonetto at (909) 214-0944 or email  gbonetto@roadrunner.com.

A discussion on PIA’s HR ListServ revolved around a breach of confidentiality on a project and how to handle it.  With more and more print providers expanding their services, confidentiality becomes a large issue.  Do you have a policy?  Is it in writing?  Is it enforceable?  More importantly did legal counsel review?  For more thoughts on this topic, as well as non-compete agreements, check out this article on Printing Industries of America’s website (password required). 

Everyone complains about sales taxes. So, why not take advantage of an almost 50% reduction in sales taxes on equipment? Regulation 1525.4 allows businesses in manufacturing to purchase manufacturing equipment at a reduced sales and use tax rate for purchases occurring on or after 7/01/14. The partial exemption is 4.185% for the period of 7/01/14 to 12/31/16 and then will adjust to 3.9375% on 1/01/17 through the end of the program. The exemption will be taken at the time of purchase, with the exclusion recorded on your sales & use tax return. When making a qualified purchase, you provide the seller with an exemption certificate to obtain the reduced tax rate. To receive the exemption, you must complete an exemption certificate and give it to the seller. Download here.





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