This information replaces the former set of “trade customs” and is not intended to be legally binding but are offered for use in client and supplier communications as determined by each printer.

This material is not intended to be used verbatim. Printers should carefully review this material and select which parts of these documents they wish to incorporate into their specific business practices as they relate to their position with their customers and prospects. Those sections highlighted by an asterisk (*), in particular, need to be reviewed for specific wording before used in communications with customers or potential customers.

Guidelines for Best Business Practices in Digital Asset Management Issues

Terms + Conditions of Sale

Printing Workflow Glossary of Terms

These Best Industry Practices, Terms And Conditions Of Sale, And Glossary Of Terms Are Voluntary, And Are Provided For The Purpose Of Helping Printers And Their Customers Avoid Misunderstandings Concerning Their Rights And Obligations Related To Digital Files. All Elements Of Price And All Other Contract Terms Are A Matter Of Negotiation And Agreement Between The Individual Printer And Its Customer. Printers May Choose To Modify These Best Practices And Terms Before Providing Them To A Customer, Based Upon The Printer’s Individual Situation.

This Document Does Not Constitute Legal Advice And Use Of This Document Is Within The Discretion Of The Reader. Printing Industries Of America, Inc. Disclaims Any And All Liability Whatsoever Arising From The Use Of This Document.

Additional Management Resources

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