COVID19: Ask The Experts Webinar Series:

HR Strategies for Navigating a Crisis

Monday, June 8, 2020 I 11am-12pm I Free To PIASD Members

Everything changed when COVID-19 struck. As we emerge from the initial pandemic era, the workforce situation has shifted. Human resources professionals have an integral role in supporting their company’s workforce during challenging times. Join Adriane Harrison as she shares how to refine your HR strategy as you navigate your business through the current COVID-19 situation.

In this interactive 60-minute panel discussion, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Getting through the legislative and regulatory minefield
  • Implementing policies and procedures in a post-pandemic world
  • Rebuilding your culture
  • Other pandemic-related issues
Businesspeople discussing the company’s development at the meeting

The Speakers:

[COVID-19 Webinar] Critical California Legislation for Your Business

***Prerecorded webinar accessible by reaching out to

Friday, April 3, 2020 I 11am I Free for PIASD members

During this webinar with PIC's Lobbyist RJ Cervantes of Fernandez Cervantes Government Affairs, will discuss the recent state and federal action and Legislation related to COVID-19, with particular emphasis on:

---- New federal legislation including employer responsibilities for Paid Sick Leave, Family Medical Leave, and the Economic Stimulus

---- State of California Actions Affecting Printing companies and their employees.

---- Our efforts to secure printing as a critical infrastructure designation.

Responding To The Coronavirus: An Employer’s Guide

***Prerecorded webinar accessible by reaching out to

Thursday, March 19, 2020 I 11am I FREE to Members

The spread of Coronavirus has created anxiety and economic repercussion across the country. Many companies are scrambling to develop plans and policies to address issues that, before this development, were not even thought about.

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