Ask the Experts Webinar:

Spot Color Magic

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

Too often, color management is thought of as something that is mysterious or difficult. I liken it to watching a magician perform and wondering just how they do their trick. Join me as we explore the challenges of matching brand and spot colors and expose the “magicians” secret. It’s not as hard or complicated as you imagined! In this session we’ll look at how spot colors (Pantone color) are defined, how they are managed, and how to get the most out of your digital printer. What are the best practices that you can implement in your workflow and what tools are needed for success!



Presenter: Ray Weiss

Director of Digital Print Programs at PRINTING United Alliance


Ask the Experts Webinar:

The New View on Capitol Hill

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

Lisbeth Lyons will preview PRINTING United Alliance’s Advocacy Agenda for the 117th Congress and will review which top priority public policy issues the Alliance will pursue to achieve a favorable business environment for the printing and graphic communications industry. This session will dive into the best practices for members to successfully engage with Senators and Representatives as champions for the printing industry’s advocacy agenda. Attendees will hear about about innovative grassroots tools that the Alliance is launching to provide your company, its employees, and customers a voice on Capitol Hill.



Presenter: Lisbeth Lyons

Vice President, Government Affairs at PRINTING United Alliance


Ask the Experts Webinar:

Operating Safely in a COVID-19 Environment

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

Safe operations have never been more important than now given the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. OSHA and state safety inspectors are out in full force enforcing the regulatory and policy mandates put in place by the government. Marci Kinter and Gary Jones will explore actionable steps you can put in place immediately to ensure compliance, reduce workplace exposures, and will also preview tools to help you to implement your own Safety Compliance program.

How to Gain Client’s Trust in Managing Their Data

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 I 9:30 - 10:30am I Free For Members

Learn how to share the value of SOC 2 and HITRUST Certification and how your company ensures overall regulatory compliance of data.

Data has become one of the most important assets for many organizations, and as more of your clients are sharing data, building their trust can become a challenging and critical risk. There are many ways to gain the trust of your clients and ensure them that your organization will protect their data.

During this free webinar we will help you to understand what both the AICPA SOC 2 report and the HITRUST Certification and determine if they may be beneficial to gain your client’s trust in managing their data.

Topics include:

SOC 2 report and HITRUST Certification requirements, framework, and resources required.
Security and privacy requirements of GDPR, CCPA, etc., that each industry, state, country, and other regulating bodies are now holding us accountable.
Best practices regarding the collection, processing, storage and sharing of your data.



[webinar] How to Gain Client’s Trust in Managing Their Data



Ask the Experts Webinar:

Managing Marijuana in Manufacturing

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

Marijuana laws are changing, and many states have recently legalized marijuana use. Adriane Harrison will explore how marijuana may affect your workplace, how to manage legal use while keeping your employees safe. This program will also address how to manage your HR policies to address other legal and illegal drugs in the workplace.


Ask the Experts Webinar:

Economic Update—What 2021 Looks Like So Far

Wednesday, May 19, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

Attendees of this session will explore three critical questions: Has recovery from the COVID-19 recession begun? If it has, how strong can we expect recovery to be? And, if it hasn’t, when can we expect it to begin? Andy Paparozzi will present current trends in key printing business indicators, including sales, confidence, and work-on-hand, as well as a forecast for full-year 2021 printing industry sales.


Presenter: Andy Paparozzi

Chief Economist at PRINTING United Alliance


Ask the Experts Webinar:

The Future of Work is iLearning

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 I 11am-12pm I Free For Members

A well-trained staff is more productive, and happier, but the relationship between learning and working is changing and what is learned today will likely not be relevant in a few short years. Employees need support through training opportunities to stay relevant and productive. What does “good” looks like when it comes to learning? Joe Marin will lead a discussion on the changing relationship between learning and working; “old” thinking and “new” thinking when it comes to changes in careers, jobs, and work; how work has become the primary place where we learn—and what you can do to support and foster employee development.


COVID19: Ask The Experts Webinar Series:

Reopening Your Business: What You Need To Know

Monday, June 22, 2020 I 11am-12pm I Free To PIASD Members

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered our lifestyles and work practices in ways that were unimaginable just a few short months ago. As printing operations get back into full production, preventing and managing exposures to the COVID-19 virus are top of mind for owners, managers and operators. In order to provide a roadmap of actions that must be taken, PRINTING United Alliance has assembled a comprehensive COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan for you.
In this 60-minute webinar, we will cover the contents of the plan where you’ll gain insights on:
  • Status of state reopening strategies, where they are and what they are requiring
  • Preventing transmission with sanitation and other distancing procedures
  • Use of personal protective equipment as you reopen
  • What to do if an employee becomes infected
  • Communicating with employees regarding their roles and responsibilities

The Speakers:

Businesspeople discussing the company’s development at the meeting

[COVID-19 Webinar] Critical California Legislation for Your Business

***Prerecorded webinar accessible by reaching out to

Friday, April 3, 2020 I 11am I Free for PIASD members

During this webinar with PIC's Lobbyist RJ Cervantes of Fernandez Cervantes Government Affairs, will discuss the recent state and federal action and Legislation related to COVID-19, with particular emphasis on:

---- New federal legislation including employer responsibilities for Paid Sick Leave, Family Medical Leave, and the Economic Stimulus

---- State of California Actions Affecting Printing companies and their employees.

---- Our efforts to secure printing as a critical infrastructure designation.

Responding To The Coronavirus: An Employer’s Guide

***Prerecorded webinar accessible by reaching out to

Thursday, March 19, 2020 I 11am I FREE to Members

The spread of Coronavirus has created anxiety and economic repercussion across the country. Many companies are scrambling to develop plans and policies to address issues that, before this development, were not even thought about.

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