The partnership between PIASD and AG Adjustments offers members access to an industry leader in commercial collections.

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PIA/SD is proud to have an exclusive partnership with AG Adjustments (AGA) for third party collection services for our members.

AGA is a commercial debt collection agency headquartered in Melville, New York. It is a charter member of the Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America; a Platinum Partner to the Credit Research Foundation; an exclusive outsource partner for the Credit Management Association; and now for PIA/SD. Their professional debt recovery team works diligently to turn past due receivables into cash flow that can be reinvested toward your business growth.

Their unwavering commitment to the task at hand ensures that AGA clients— from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies—have the highest possible business debt collection rates on delinquent business accounts. Above all, they are dedicated to getting the job done while protecting your brand name and your highly valued business-to-business relationships.

Thousands of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and finance companies rely on AGA to help sustain a healthy balance sheet while adding profits to the bottom line. They specialize in debt collecting from those business accounts that have passed beyond the point of no return.

This is why PIA/SD has chosen to partner with AGA.  To contact AGA call (631) 425-8800 or fax (631) 425-8808.

The Advantages of Third Party Collections

Every month a delinquent account has debt left unpaid, the chances of recovery decline. Most companies wait 120 days, 180 days—or longer, before turning delinquent accounts over to a 3rd party collections agency. Why does it matter? The longer you wait, the less collectible your debt is and the more your bottom line is affected.

With over four decades of 3rd party debt collections experience, AGA leverages proven debt recovery strategies to secure the highest possible rate of return on your delinquent accounts. AGA helps their clients increase cash flow, while maintaining their public image.

Unpaid debt is expensive. For a company with a gross profit margin of 5%—every $25,000 you write-off requires an additional $500,000 in new sales to replace it. What's more, according to the CLLA the longer you hold your delinquent receivables, the more costly the situation becomes. Take a look:

  • 3-months past due: $0.70 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 6-months past due: $0.50 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 12-months past due: $0.23 of each delinquent dollar recovered.

The sooner you place your severely delinquent account with AGA, the sooner you will start driving additional cash flow to your balance sheet.

Efficient Technology, Designed for Results

AGA can provide PIA/SD members technology that makes 3rd party debt collections simple, including:

  • Multiple methods of claim placement including, web, email, FTP and collection platform connectivity.
  • Web-based customer Dashboard. Instantly access your summary and detailed reports, individual claim information, collector notes, recovery analysis and much more.
  • Immediate Slow Pay listing of a collection account, alerting members when a particular customer is in trouble.


With an average tenure of almost 10 years, AGA prides themselves in having the most experienced and successful commercial collectors in the US. Certified by the CCAA within 90 days of employment, their collectors act as an extension of your collection department and will lead the charge in returning to you the monies that you are owed.

Placement Options

AGA offers the option of immediate collection or 10 day free demand. To place a claim Click Here.


  • 25% of the first $3,000 collected, 20% of the remaining balance on claims less than 365 days from last sale.
  • 50% on second placements and claims over a year from last sale
  • 33% on international claims
  • 25% on legal claims
  • 35% on litigated claims—a non-contingent suit fee may be required
  • Large claims ($100k and over) can be negotiated on a claim by claim basis

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Printing Industries Slow Pay is a national bad debt warning system designed to help identify potential problem accounts. Participating members submit their monthly bad debt information into the database for sharing with other local and national members of PIA.


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