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 2019 Survey of Management Information Systems Published

Printing Industries of America and Dell proudly announce a new discount program for the Printing Industries of America members. Members can now receive up to 40% off the everyday price of Dell branded small business products (laptops, desktops, workstations, all-in-ones, thin clients, monitors, servers, storage, and networking) and Dell branded electronics and accessories.


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This year's edition features 41 MIS packages, which is an excellent representation of MIS systems on the market today. The publication makes it easier for members to identify systems that fit their needs and to compare functionality of different software. The publication is based on an extensive questionnaire completed by MIS providers covering functions such as accounting, estimating, scheduling, job tickets, inventory, fulfillment, mailing, and automation. It also covers costs, training, and software support. We will be providing the publication to each affiliate who can then make it available to their members.

  Editor's note: The free download requires a log-in to the PIA website. 
We are now offering members for a limited time, a free review of their environmental and safety compliance programs. The safety component involves review of necessary written safety programs, assessment of efforts and procedures for identifying workplace hazards and reducing accidents and exposure to harmful situations and substances. It also includes training of personnel in accident prevention, accident response, emergency preparedness, and use of protective clothing and equipment. The environmental component involves a review of a company’s approach  to complying with environmental regulations, such as managing hazardous waste to air emissions.

Call Gerry Bonetto at (909) 214-0944  for more information.

The Printing Industries of America has launched its new and improved iLearning Center and even more exciting news - this eLearning platform is now free for all Printer Members!
The iLearning Center features courses ranging from marketing to prepress to sales and more, all tailored to the printing industry. All courses are developed and taught by industry expert instructors. Your employees can now learn brush up their skills or learn a new technique, all at no cost to you.

How to Access the iLearning Center from Printing Industries of America on Vimeo.


Battling back on the newsprint tax (a.k.a. tariffs on uncoated groundwood paper imported from Canada) is a key lobbying priority and next week is a pivotal moment in this advocacy campaign. On July 17th, the International Trade Commission (ITC) will hold a hearing to determine whether to keep harmful tariffs on this critical raw material. Will you help us ensure that decision makers on Capitol Hill and in the Trump Administration hear loud and clear that Print Powers America?
You can help in three ways:
  1. Sign our online petition and ask employees, customers, and other stakeholders to the same. Tell the ITC that trade law should not be used to harm the domestic print and publishing industry employing over 600,000 workers.
  2. Urge your Senators and Representative to co-sponsor the PRINT Act (S. 2835/H.R. 6031). More than a quarter of Senators have signed on to this bipartisan bill and the House bill is gaining momentum. This bill would suspend current tariffs until a study is conducted on the economic consequences of such tariffs on the print and publishing industry.
  3. Become a Print Powers America supporter today! Help us to continue waging important legislative, grassroots, and public affairs battles on behalf of your company and the industry by joining your peers to make a corporate contribution to Print Powers America. Working together we can amplify Printing Industries of America’s legislative advocacy and increase our chance of success.
Supporters of Print Powers America are passionate about the dynamic world of today's print industry and its ever-evolving future. They know that decisions made in Washington, D.C. impact their bottom line and the trajectory of the entire industry. Please join us in taking action on this important issue and supporting Print Powers America today!

Looking for quality vendors to keep  your business productive yet prudent? Look no further than the Supplier Members of PIASD!
Support businesses that take an active interest in our industry through PIASD Membership - AND offer the top quality products and services you need to keep your business competitive! More. 
dollars_moneyEveryone complains about sales taxes. So, why not take advantage of an almost 50% reduction in sales taxes on equipment? Regulation 1525.4 allows businesses in manufacturing to purchase manufacturing equipment at a reduced sales and use tax rate for purchases occurring on or after 7/01/14. The partial exemption is 4.185% for the period of 7/01/14 to 12/31/16 and then will adjust to 3.9375% on 1/01/17 through the end of the program. The exemption will be taken at the time of purchase, with the exclusion recorded on your sales & use tax return. When making a qualified purchase, you provide the seller with an exemption certificate to obtain the reduced tax rate. To receive the exemption, you must complete an exemption certificate and give it to the seller. Download here


Let AGA's Professional Staff Work Diligently To Turn Past Due Receivables into Cash Flow!
 Every month a delinquent account has debt left unpaid, the chances of recovery decline. Most companies wait 120 days, 180 days -- or longer, before turning delinquent accounts over to a 3rd party collections agency. Why does it matter? The longer you wait, the less collectible your debt is and the more your bottom line is affected.
 AGA's unwavering commitment to the task at hand ensures that its clients -- from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies -- have the highest possible business debt collection rates on delinquent business accounts. Above all, they are dedicated to getting the job done while protecting your brand name and your highly valued business-to-business relationships.
Thousands of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and finance companies rely on AGA to help sustain a healthy balance sheet while adding profits to the bottom line. They specialize in debt collecting from those business accounts that have passed beyond the point of no return.
A discussion on PIA's HR ListServ revolved around a breach of confidentiality on a project and how to handle it.  With more and more print providers expanding their services, confidentiality becomes a large issue.  Do you have a policy?  Is it in writing?  Is it enforceable?  More importantly did legal counsel review?  For more thoughts on this topic, as well as non-compete agreements, check out this article on Printing Industries of America's website (password required). 

Starting August 30, 2018, businesses that sell consumer goods to Californians will be subject to new warning requirements.

Through its one-of-a-kind labeling law, California regulates thousands of businesses, whether through e-commerce or retail outlets in the state. The changes to the warning requirements under Proposition 65 (Prop 65) have triggered a lot of questions and requests for compliance guarantees and statements by print customers.     

To read more about Prop 65 warning requirements and compliance click here. Prop 65

If you have any questions about Prop 65, please contact Gerry Bonetto at (909) 214-0944 or email 

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