How to Manage Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace Webinar

34th Annual
Golf Tournament

Thursday, April 19 I 11am - 12pm I PIASD Member: Free, Non Member: $39

Marijuana has been legalized in several states, primarily for medicinal use, but also for recreational use in some states. It is harder and harder to get a clean pre-employment drug test, and random tests frequently reveal drug use.  Adriane Harrison will discuss how to approach drug use in the workplace and how to manage legal medical and recreational marijuana use by employees.




Thursday, May 5 I Rancho Bernardo Inn I M:$149, NM: $169

Join us for another exciting tournament at one of San Diego's premier golf courses! Our most popular event of the year will be held at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn on Thursday, May 10.

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A discussion on PIA's HR ListServ revolved around a breach of confidentiality on a project and how to handle it.  With more and more print providers expanding their services, confidentiality becomes a large issue.  Do you have a policy?  Is it in writing?  Is it enforceable?  More importantly did legal counsel review?  For more thoughts on this topic, as well as non-compete agreements, check out this article on Printing Industries of America's website (password required). 


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