What is "Content Marketing?"

Printing Industries Launches PRIME

Content-Marketing-Infographic-by-MarketoOne of the topics discussed at the recent Dr. Joe Webb program was the advent of content marketing - and the role it plays in today's world of printed communication.  Here is a short article from Dr. Webb on that topic, 

 "We've all heard the phrase 'content marketing' but it's one of those phrases everyone claims to understand but everyone seems to have their own definition. Wikipedia's definition is '...any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. This information can be presented in a variety of formats, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc. Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on communicating with customers and prospects.'

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We've always had it, such as brochures, sell sheets, case studies, and even more formats. Back when there was no Internet, people needed to request them. Today, because of search engines, they need to be found. There is even an organization that promotes it, the  Content Marketing Institute. They have some very good support and learning materials on their site. 

One of the marketing automation companies, Marketo (pronouced "Mar-KEE-toh") has a  very good infographic about content marketing's use. They cite that the most popular formats are "non-blogging social media (79%), article posting (78%), in-person events (62%), e-newsletters (61%), case studies (55%), blogs (51%), white papers (43%) and webinars/webcasts (42%)." They also explain that more than half of companies are increasing spending while 45% are maintaining their levels. On average, it's already 26% of advertising budgets, and growing. Do you know what content marketing is? Have you had a discussion with clients about their content marketing strategy? Can you help them with it? Can you help them repurpose their content to get full value from their investment?"

Printing Industries of America has launched the Integrated Print Center, or IPC, a site dedicated to providing the integrated printer with the most essential data from the printing and graphic communications world. The Integrated Print Center, www.printing.org/ipc is an interactive site created to provide everything from print and digital solutions to multichannel marketing and business strategies. Sections of the website include the Learning Center, Prime, Test Drive Tools, Integrated Print Forum (IPF), and Partners.

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PRIME is a unique tool because it can be used two ways:IntregratedPrint

  • Training tool. The step-by-step online interface guides new users through the process of building a campaign, including creating and buying URLs, managing and acquiring lists, asset management, implementation, and analyzing campaign results (a free member service).
  • Campaign launching tool. This allows printers to employ their customized integrated campaigns and measure the results through a detailed dashboard

Does PRIME sound like a useful resource for your business? You can be a key influencer and help shape PRIME for future innovative printers. Members are invited to join an exclusive group of beta testers and try PRIME free of charge. Let us know how it worked and suggest any improvements we can make. Just go to Prime.L2soft.com, click “Launch PRIME,” sign in, and get started!

Watch for the official launch of this integrated marketing platform soon.

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Virtual_Peer_GroupEvery day, you’re faced with problems like handling a problem customer, working with a troublesome employee or trying to get satisfaction from an equipment vendor while at the same time, getting the work out and making some money.

This can be tough stuff, but others are fighting the same battles every day—sharing their experience can be both reassuring and enlightening.  The challenge is finding people in the same boat but who are not competitors.

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Value_Of_PrintHelp us fight back the misconceptions of print and spread the message of the true value of print. Printing Industries of America has developed these Value of Print tools—in Print, Web, and Mobile—to help spread the correct message about:

      • Print's environmental impact
    • Its effectiveness, and
    • The true economic footprint of the printing industry.

The tools include:

      • Value of Print Mobile App for Apple and Android with a live RSS feed and up-to-date statistics
    • Value of Print Flip-Book with charts, graphs, and statistics
    • Value of Print Web Edition for pdf download


Visit the Value of Print website to learn more about these tools


The results are in for the 2013 Ratio Survey. Good news: printers participating in this years’ Ratios Survey attained average profit rates of 2.7 percent on sales—up from 1.8 percent last year. Profit leaders—printers in the top 25 percent of profitability—saw profits increase slightly to 9.9 percent compared to 9.6 percent last year.

Printers use the Ratios reports to evaluate their performance against industry profit leaders. Specific reports are available for various firm profiles by size of firm, printing process, and print market segments. View executive summaries of past Ratios volumes

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