The Sales Club can help sales reps gain a competitive edge through training, sales and strategies.  The $25 annual membership dues are a nominal fee for a year’s worth of information and programs to expand knowledge, and improve and increase your sales performance.  And the best part is, the more sales people from your company that join, the more affordable membership dues become! Check out the great membership benefits and our sliding dues scale - encourage fellow sales reps, customer service reps, or employees in your office to join the PIA/SD Sales Club and supplement your road to success!

Membership Benefits

Membership in the PIA/SD Sales Club helps you gain an advantage with the following benefits:

Access to the Sales Club Library, located in the PIA/SD office, which features the latest in sales and motivational books, CDs and DVDs.
You’ll receive a copy of our monthly newsletter, The Messenger, filled with timely industry updates and trends, valuable articles, and a monthly Sales Club column.
You’ll receive our quarterly “Succeeding in Sales” newsletter, mailed exclusively to Sales Club members, featuring sales insight, motivational tips, industry surveys, trends, publications, and more.
You’ll receive a monthly “Sales Tip of the Month” email with resourceful tips, articles, and research findings.
Sales Club Members typically receive a discount on registration to attend Sales Club programs and events
 Sales Club is ideal for Sales Managers, Sales Reps, and CSRs!


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