HR, Gov't & Regulatory Resources

We have both a statewide and national HR expert that is free to PIASD members. We provide help with: wage hour laws, rest periods, hiring practices, terminations and layoffs, workers comp claims, ADA compliance, employee handbooks and many more issues that specifically relate to the printing industry.

Important Contacts

Our HR specialists are available via phone or email when you need them most.

Gerry Bonetto, State Level Contact: 909.214.0944

National Level Contact: 800.910.4283

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Wage Surveys

You need the best people if you’re going to grow your firm. To get and keep them, your wages and benefits need to be competitive with others in our industry. The best resource to get the facts about the market is the PIASD Wage and Benefit Survey.
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State Employment Posters

State labor laws are as numerous and varied as the states themselves. It is the employer’s responsibility to display notices of these laws. Posters, provided by the state agency, are the most common and accessible form of a notification. We have an “All In One” just for members.
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Additional Management Resources

Sample Employee Handbook

PIA recognizes the value of well-written Company personnel policies and procedures. Over the years we have published sample employee handbook language covering basic employment policies and procedures. Members have used this language as a guide in creating written policies and procedures covering the Company’s employment practices and philosophies.

To get a copy of the sample employee handbook, call 858.800.6900 or email below.

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Quarterly HR Webinars

Find out what HR practitioners need to know about trends in human resource management. We will cover topics such as continuous performance management, wellness programs, the growing importance of HR professionals in senior management roles, and our old favorite – company culture to build employee engagement.

Check out our webinar page for the latest webinars available.

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Resources + Forms

Resources and forms to help ensure compliance with:

  • Wage Hour Law
  • Meal Breaks
  • Hiring Practices
  • Terminations + Layoffs
  • Discipline
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