We offer financial tools that allow owners to track bad risks as well as get discounts on commercial audit reports before you risk getting left without payment.

Keep your cash flowing with access to three invaluable services: third party collections, discounts on Experian credit reports (check on a prospect’s credit worthiness before you start doing work for them!), and a unique slow pay reporting program whereby members warn other members about potential problem accounts.

Slow Pay Program

Industries Slow Pay is a national bad debt warning system designed to help identify potential problem accounts. Participating members submit their monthly bad debt information into the database for sharing with other local and national members of PIA.

Experian Credit Report

Experian allows members to check the credit worthiness of prospective clients before you enter into a business relationship. Members receive reports on the same day, and may request either a complete Business Profile or a one page Commercial Score summary report, both at the discounted rates. For more information contact Experian’s SmartBusinessReports.com helpdesk at (800) 303-1640. Now even easier and cheaper when you run your own reports! Click here to get started!
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PIASD has an exclusive partnership with AG Adjustments (AGA) for third party collection services for our members.

AGA, a commercial debt collection agency, is a charter member of the Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America; a Platinum Partner to the Credit Research Foundation; an exclusive outsource partner for the Credit Management Association; and now for PIASD. Their professional debt recovery team works diligently to turn past due receivables into cash flow that can be reinvested toward your business growth.

Thousands of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and finance companies rely on AGA to help sustain a healthy balance sheet while adding profits to the bottom line. They specialize in debt collecting from those business accounts that have passed beyond the point of no return.

This is why PIASD has chosen to partner with AGA.  To contact AGA call (631) 425-8800 or fax (631) 425-8808.

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