How to Gain a Competitive Advantage and Increase Profits with Lean Sales

Thursday, September 20 I 11am - 12pm


Webinar Overview

In today's new reality as much as 70% of the buying decision may be completed before your salesperson and a buyer connect. Your sales team and the people and process that support it must adjust to this new reality. Synchronizing your sales process to the buying process and eliminating wasted activities will move prospects quickly through the pipeline for increased revenue and profits. The improved process will also open new opportunities for a broader range of services.

You Will Learn

  • What impact the Internet has made on the buying and selling processes
  • How lean can be applied to your sales and CRM processes for astonishing and measurable results
  • How to synchronize the buying and selling processes for success
  • How lean continuous improvement provides a competitive advantage

Webinar Presenter

Phyllis Mikolaitis
Sales Training Solutions


M&A Trends in Today’s Print Environment

Tuesday, October 9 I 11am - 12pm


Learn what is happening in today’s M&A market. Today’s transaction structures are different from just a few years ago in response to a restructuring industry. Participants will learn why an acquisition strategy has never been more important and what types of transactions are occurring. They will learn the details of these various types of transactions in order to make better decisions for their own businesses. The experts from New Direction Partners will also talk about the current M&A market, why now is a good time for these transactions, and how long the market might remain strong. They will also share real life examples of things gone right, and a few that have gone wrong, from the many transactions they seen over time. The presenters will also outline EBITDA ranges that affect the value of businesses being sold and how to enhance that value.

The program will focus on:

  • Why M&A makes sense as a strategy
  • Discussion of “Tuck-ins”.
  • Discussion of “Cashless Mergers”.
  • Hot Markets and what drives higher Valuations

Who Should Attend:

CEO’s, owners, presidents, sales, marketing and finance managers who are instrumental in determining the firm’s strategy.


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10 Attributes of High-Growth Companies

Tuesday, December 11 I 11am - 12pm


In a highly competitive industry, printers must focus on two things to succeed: efficiency and growth. The first delivers a better bottom line; the second produces a more robust top line. In this session, New Direction Partners experts share what they have found to be the 10 attributes of high growth printing companies, providing insight to owners and managers about how they can ensure high growth in their own businesses. This includes:

  • Ensuring the right sales and sales management strategies.
  • Putting in the time and effort to create and execute on actionable business plans.
  • Ensuring accountability within the organization for achievement of strategic and tactical goals.
  • The role of mergers and acquisitions
  • and more

Don’t miss this important session. The future of your business may depend on it.

Who Should Attend: CEO’s, owners, presidents, business development, marketing, sales and finance managers who are instrumental in developing and implementing the firm’s growth strategy.


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