Strategic Planning And The Link To Succession Planning

August 22,  2019 - 11am-12pm
Free for Printing Industries of America members
$29 for non-members
Do you feel like the ideas are there and you have a great team, but you just don't achieve and sustain the results you are looking for? If so, it's likely that poor planning is holding your company back. Strategic planning is the foundation to long-term vision and performance. As with most initiatives, the time spent planning is just as important as the initiative itself. This is your opportunity to learn a proven strategic planning process that will help ensure your plans become reality. You'll also find out why identifying and developing future leaders of your company needs to be part of any strategic planning effort.


Personalization, I'm Talking To YOU!

Tuesday, September 17 - 11 am - 12 pm
Free for Printing Industries of San Diego members
How does a mail piece stand out in the mailbox?  Color?  Shape?  Or could it be when the piece has the recipient's name included in illustration?  Could it be when the item is what's been ordered before, and the ad relates to an Informed Delivery message?   
This webinar will look at how personalization has evolved from simple versioning to complex variable text and graphics.  Learn how these changes may help you develop value-added services that can help your bottom line. 


Making Print Valuable and Relevant

September 24,  2019 - 11am-12pm
Free for PIA San Diego members
$39 for non-members

Be it advertising, publications, packaging or whatever…most of us understand the value and relevance of the product we produce.. but how do we convey that to others?

“Make Print Valuable and Relevant,” a presentation focusing on:

        • The How and Why to Make Print Valuable

        • Key Triggers to Making Print Relevant

        • Increasing Value (and Profitability) of CMYK

        • Print That Performs and How Do We Get There?

        • The New Print Industry – How Do We get There?

        • Functional Print – Printed Electronics

        • Intelligent Inks or Smart Inks – How Close Are We?  


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Achieving the Right Color—First Time, Every Time

October 10,  2019 - 11am-12pm
Free for Printing Industries of America members
$29 for non-members
It is an exciting time in the industry currently as it transitions with many new developments and innovations, and Industry 4.0 encapsulates many of these. The use of the new technologies has democratized color throughout the workforce and allowed new opportunities to staff and companies.
The appearance and accuracy of color is critical to many brands and customers. Color management tools have evolved to allow many of these steps to be carried out automatically with little or no user intervention. Learn how you can achieve the correct color the first time, but critically ensure that you meet it every time. See some of the latest technologies and learn how easy it is to get that color pass first time, every time.


[Webinar] Making Print Valuable and Relevant