The WOW Factor-Digital Embellishment Effects, Techniques, and Best Practices  

Thursday, November 29 I 11am - 12pm 

Research has shown that that a consumer's experience is not just visual--it includes other senses, including our sense of touch. For the customer, it's all about getting attention and response. Digital embellishment can add WOW to print with the digital application of spot colors, spot varnish, dimensional varnish, foil, or other effects. Attend this webinar and learn how to create an undeniable connection that adds value to the printed piece

You Will Learn

  1. Digital embellishment effects and options
  2. Why you should incorporate digital embellishment in your print projects
  3. Best practices for use
  4. How to create spot varnish and foil effects using layers, filters, and actions
  5. How to create a PDF file that includes the digital embellishment effects needed for print production


10 Attributes of High-Growth Companies

Tuesday, December 11 I 11am - 12pm

In a highly competitive industry, printers must focus on two things to succeed: efficiency and growth. The first delivers a better bottom line; the second produces a more robust top line. In this session, New Direction Partners experts share what they have found to be the 10 attributes of high growth printing companies, providing insight to owners and managers about how they can ensure high growth in their own businesses.

This includes:

Ensuring the right sales and sales management strategies.

Putting in the time and effort to create and execute on actionable business plans.

Ensuring accountability within the organization for achievement of strategic and tactical goals.

The role of mergers and acquisitions

and more

Don’t miss this important session. The future of your business may depend on it.

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