Walking and Working Surfaces: Fall Protection

Thursday, June 21 I 11am - 12pm

OSHA recently issued a final rule on walking-working surfaces that included new sections regarding the use of personal fall protection systems. Among other changes, employers may now choose from several accepted fall protection systems including guardrails, safety nets, personal fall arrest systems, and others. The rule also adds new training requirements for employees using personal fall protection systems. In this webinar, Matthew Crownover will provide an overview of the new requirements, compliant fall protection options, and resources available to you.


How to Ease the Pain of Change

Thursday, July 19 I 11am - 12pm


Webinar Overview

The printing industry is changing--customer demands, growth products, technology, and continuous improvement efforts. The truth, though, is that people struggle with change. It's human. It's natural. But you can't let those natural human reactions to change hold you back. Find out how to ease the pain of change and help your team accept and embrace change more quickly--with lasting results.

You Will

  • Uncover one common change management teaching that's flat-out wrong (and what to do instead)
  • Understand the psychology of change and its relation to resistance versus adoption
  • Discover the one most important factor to help transform to a forward-moving, continuously improving culture
  • Learn 8 practical steps to help teams embrace change more quickly


How High Can You Go? How to Manage Legal and Illegal Drug Use In The Workplace

Thursday, July 26 I 11am - 12pm


Webinar Overview

In this era of legalized marijuana and an ongoing opioid crisis, how can companies manage employees that may be using these or other drugs? Learn how to recognize impairment and implement policies that may reduce risk and create a safer work environment.

You Will Learn

  • The severity of the problem of drugs in the workplace
  • Understanding modern marijuana, both medical and recreational
  • Review the laws regulating marijuana
  • Strategies for managing medical marijuana use
  • Recognizing Prescription and Nonprescription Opioid Use
  • Methods of drug testing
  • Pros and cons of pre-employment drug testing
  • Sample drug policy