How to Manage Legalized Marijuana in the Workplace

Thursday, April 19 I 11am - 12pm

Marijuana has been legalized in several states, primarily for medicinal use, but also for recreational use in some states. It is harder and harder to get a clean pre-employment drug test, and random tests frequently reveal drug use.  Adriane Harrison will discuss how to approach drug use in the workplace and how to manage legal medical and recreational marijuana use by employees.

You Will Learn

    Strategies for managing medical marijuana use

    Benefits and drawbacks of pre-employment drug testing

    Sample drug policy

    ADA compatibility with medical marijuana policies

Hiring, On-boarding, and Managing Salespeople

Thursday, April 26 I 11am - 12pm

According to a recent Printing Industries of America survey, onboarding new sales representatives is a key issue for many organizations. How do you make a proper assessment? What are key questions to ask? What do you need to look for while making an effective assessment? Do you have the right support system in place to bring on a new sales rep? You know who you want to hire and what your criteria is--the key is to make sure that their goals are in line with yours!

In this fast-paced webinar, you'll learn what to look for during the hiring process and how to make an assessment to determine if the prospect is a good fit within your organization. We'll also go beyond the hiring process, and provide a solid path for onboarding, training, and establishing the proper support system for success during those critical first few months of employment.

You Will Learn
What to look for and how to make an effective assessment
Establish benchmarks and common goals
How to create a training and support system
The importance of a mentor and support team
How to use the Touch Point system to help the reps create a plan
Selling cycles for each account
Ways to penetrate accounts to maximize relationships
How to hold the sales representative accountable for their plan

Need to Know: EPA's Updated Hazardous Waste Rule

Thursday, May 3 I 11am - 12pm

In 2016, the EPA finalized a rule that updated the hazardous waste generator regulations to make the rules easier to understand, facilitate better compliance, provide greater flexibility in how hazardous waste is managed and close important gaps in the regulations. This rule went into effect in May of last year and all states must adopt the new provisions by July 1, 2018. These changes may affect how your business handles hazardous waste. This webinar will provide an overview of the new rule, what's changing, and how it might affect your business. Additionally, Marci Kinter and Kaitlin Rundle will share some resources you can use to help comply with the new hazardous waste regulations.

Who Should Attend: Company Owners, Environmental Teams, Management Teams, Production Managers

Walking and Working Surfaces: Overview

Thursday, May 24 I 11am - 12pm

Any job that requires working from heights involves a certain amount of risk, but with the right safety precautions in place, you can reduce the possibility of serious injuries occurring. Part of keeping your employees safe is knowing what options are available to you and what safety rules you need to follow. OSHA recently updated its Walking-Working Surfaces rule, providing new options for fall protection, training, and inspection requirements.In this session, Marci Kinter and Kaitlin Rundle will provide an overview of the rule changes and discuss resources available to you, including checklists and other compliance resources.

Who Should Attend: Company Owners, Management Teams, Safety/Compliance Managers