Tuesday, October 16  I  10am  OR 2pm  I  PIASD Offices

2018 Is All About Choice! You Decide About  Price, Service, Plans and Ease!

Join us at PIASD's office for a quick demo to show you how easy and efficient it is to find all the forms, complete participation agreements, answer all the questions and get educated on what plans best suit your employees.  Also, we have a new section your employees can access especially for them!   


Our members are our only customers and we focus on your needs every day. That’s why this year we have more options for you than ever before. In addition to PIBT that you may currently be using, we are also launching a new program partnership with our other California PIA affiliate, Visual Media Alliance (VMA).


Although many members will get renewal information prior to this meeting, we wanted to be sure you had a chance to come and ask questions or get help on forms and online resources. Join us on Oct. 16 at either 10 am or 2 pm and we’ll review choices in both PIBT and VMA. We can also come out and help you do open enrollment if you need that as well.


PIASD’s Healthcare program is provided by PIBT and VMA Insurance Services.