Sales Development Webinar
Tuesday, August 22  I  10:30 - 11:30 am  I  Members: Free 

Our newly developed Sales Development Program offers a series of sessions to assist our members in developing their sales staff and growing their business. We look forward to serving you & your staff. 


Session #1
Developed specifically for Owners, Presidents, & CEOs
(Session #2 is in Oct for Sales Mgrs & Sales Reps)
A Dynamically Different Approach - This Special Webinar will cover the challenges of:
  • What stands in the way of greater sales success
  • The Universal Buying Process, how sellers are vulnerable and what to do about it
  • The true state of the sales pipeline in most print organizations 
  • The characteristics of great salespeople and the hidden weaknesses which serve to offset those strengths
Sales Development Series Key Points of Engagement:
  • Complete Sales Force Evaluation
  • Building and Refining Sales Infrastructure 
  • Sales Process Mapping and Scorecard Development
  • CRM / Pipeline Management Automation Implementation
  • Sales and Sales Management Training
  • Ongoing Coaching for Salespeople and Sales Management
  • Sales Recruiting Process, Candidate Assessment and Project-Based Candidate Sourcing
  • Sales Seminars and Keynote Address Engagements