Membership Application


By clicking the "Submit Application" button we agree to abide by the bylaws and pay the prescribed dues. We understand the OBLIGATIONS OF MEMBERSHIP specifically include:
• Six months minimum membership after application is accepted;
• Dues are billed and due in advance; any firm sixty days delinquent is subject to suspension, relinquishing all rights in the association;
• Notice of resignation must be given in writing thirty days prior to effective date;
• Any dues that have become delinquent more than 90 days for a second time will be immediately moved to Automatic payment, and a valid credit card must be on file and used to pay dues going forward.
• We agree to complete the Annual Census to set any dues adjustments.
• We agree to the Electronic Transmission of Information Policy
• We agree to a $25.00 initiation fee that will be paid with our first month's dues

Dues for membership in a trade association are recognized by IRS as business expenses and are tax-deductible.