collageWe are constantly redefining ourselves. Just as you should be. The world isn’t slowing down; in fact it is changing at a greater rate than we have ever seen. Old ideas don’t work. Your customers want you to be more creative, responsive, resourceful and intuitive. We understand that.

Our vision is to be relevant to all those in the visual communications space. We are passionate about print, design, finishing, web, marketing, cross media and all things that move people to react, learn, buy, join and come together.

PIASD has embraced change and we deliver more, communicate more, connect more and educate more.   More discounts, technology solutions, resources and innovation.

Think you know us? Think again.

Relevant. Focused. Engaged.

Benefits of Membership

PrIndAm_Mktg_LogoPrinting Industries of America
When you join PIA San Diego, you become a member of Printing Industries of America at no extra charge. As the oldest and largest association in the printing world, Printing Industries of America serves its members in many areas, such as: government affairs, management education and publications, information and assistance on digital technologies, and industry research and statistics. It also provides training and education opportunities, technology updates, a graphic arts research library, consulting services and technical support, including a free technical service hotline for members. Many benefits are listed on their website.

Printing Industries of California (PIC)
Printing Industries of California is our state organization that helps PIA/SD members deal with government legislative and regulatory issues such as sales and use tax, hazardous communications, hazardous waste disposal and air quality management. Members receive free, professional assistance with sales tax audits, OSHA audits, and more.

Sales Club
The PIA/SD Sales Club offers its members specialized programs, a free lending library and a personal subscription to the PIA/SD monthly newsletter, the Messenger. Sales Club members receive discounts on all Sales Club meetings, classes and seminars. The Sales Club also plans a Day at the Races, Padres Night and an annual Holiday Food Drive.

Credit Union
Learn more about Printing Industries Credit Union services.
Let’s face it.   We all have to do more with less.   Operating efficiently and effectively helps us all save time and money.  Sometimes that requires extra training, learning and finding out how to be compliant without starting from scratch.  Our seminars, webinars, white papers, workshops and web links can help you do that.  We do social too.  Yes, networking is a part of your business and never under estimate the power of face to face meetings, gatherings and events!

Want to get the discounts like the big guys?  Of course you deserve it!   We have struck deals with many of the services you need to spend money on, so why not save a few dollars where you can?  From software to shipping to Apples and Xerox, we can save you money while you come up with the next big marketing campaign.

Delivering the Goods

We love print so we do a great publication with some cool 1:1 variable, textures and of course great content. But we also are passionate about email marketing so we have campaigns to keep you updated as well.  We cull information from top resources around the country and make sure it will solve problems, increase creativity or connect you with others who are like you!   The national and state organizations share our passion as well, and they have more resources than you can possibly use.

Print Access
The PrintAccess database will help you find graphic arts companies by searching for names, specialties, services or geographic location. Members: update your Print Access listing. Need help? Read this PrintAccess overview or contact us at 858.800.6900.

Wage & Benefits Survey

While you may not care what people earn on the East Coast, you definitely want to be sure you are paying your staff according to Southern California reality.   We do a wage survey specifically for our area so that you and your HR team know what similar size companies are paying.  You don’t want to be over, or under paying your employees.  You’ve invested in their training, and production skills, so be sure you have an objective benchmark to keep your best investment with you.

Slow Pay Program

If you get paid all the time immediately on all of your accounts, you may not need this one service.  If you have struggled with it, this may be your solution to avoid it in the future.  Free, easy, and effective.   List your slow pay accounts (as others do) and you can determine who you want (and don’t want) to do business with.

Digital Marketers & Printers

We have access to valuable resources to the special needs of digital printers and marketers.  In fact, we host a wide range of resources including special interest groups, Integrated Print Media, research, publications and reports, training tools, conferences, awards, software analysis.

Monthly Newsletter
Our monthly newsletter, the Messenger, includes industry updates, member news, regular columns, program information and more to keep you informed and involved in the San Diego printing industry.

Job Pool
Members can utilize our job pool service to get free referrals for potential employees. Contact us for details.

Slow Pay Program
Our newest member benefit is a national bad debt warning system designed to help identify potential problem accounts.  Participating members submit their monthly bad debt information into the database for sharing with other local and national members of Printing Industries of America.  Members are able to post, update and add to their accounts in real time.  This system will allow members to check on a client before accepting their job and avoid being stuck with a slow pay account. Participation in the Slow Pay Program is open ONLY to members and is free.

Once enrolled in the Slow Pay program, members can also request credit reports, attorney letters and send slow paying debtors to collections (these ancillary services do have fees). PIA/SD members can click here to print a copy of the participation agreement form and fax to 858.800.6903 to get started today!

The only complete bookstore of technical, sales, management and production publications for the graphic arts industry in San Diego. Many books are available for review in the PIA San Diego offices and can be ordered online at by selecting Bookstore.

Salary, Wage and Benefits Survey
Members who participate in the only Salary, Wage and Benefits Survey for the San Diego printing industry get a free copy of the results.

Publications and Forms
PIA/SD members have access to hundreds of short articles, publications and forms, such as sample job descriptions, sample employment applications, VOC data collection sheets, legislative briefings and more.

Scholarship 2000
Each spring, PIA/SD provides scholarships to San Diego students pursuing a full-time, post-secondary education in printing.

Resources for Digital Printers
As a member of PIA/SD you have access to valuable resources tailored to the special needs of digital printers. A wide range of targeted resources such as special interest groups, research, publications and reports, training tools, conferences, award recognition programs, and timely updates on digital printing and media technologies can help you stay at the forefront of this growing sector of the industry. Discover all the value PIA/SD has to offer our digital printing members!

Value of Membership